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Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy MachineThe cotton candy machine was introduced to the modern world over 100 years ago - in 1897 to be exact. The first cotton candy machine was an electric one that was patented by two candy makers by the names of William Morrison and John C. Wharton. The idea behind the cotton candy machine is a relatively simple one: add the ingredients, heat it up, spin and collect.
Well, maybe that's a little too oversimplified, but that's how a cotton candy machine works in a nutshell. A sugar mixture is added into the machines spinning head located in the center of the machine. Heaters near the center melt the mixture until it's liquefied. Centrifugal force then pushes the melted sugar through a screen which shapes it into the wispy threads that are recognized as cotton candy around the world. The threads collect in a bowl or pan, where they are ready to be spun onto a paper or cardboard cone and served to eagerly waiting customers.

The first machines were incredibly unreliable and broke down constantly. If they didn't break down then they inevitably made a lot of noise as they spun out the threads . This trend of an unreliable cotton candy machine continued until 1949 when Gold Metal Products released a new model of the machine, with the highlight of it being a spring base. This improved design of the cotton candy machine revolutionized the cotton candy industry. Not only was it more reliable but it enabled production to increase - though it still wasn't mass produced at that point.

The automatic cotton candy machine didn't arrive on the scene until 1972. This machine got the ball rolling for mass production of this delicious treat.

You may be thinking that you can only purchase cotton candy at fairs, amusement parks and carnivals - but that's not true. Now days you can pick up your very own at a number of department stores. However, if you're planning to be a serious producer, you'd be better off to pay the big bucks for a top of the line machine from a company such as Gold Metal Products. Home cotton candy machines are not reliable and don't last very long. Additionally, they don't produce a lot. These store bought machines are fine for gifts but that's about it.

Many vendors prefer Gold Metal Products for purchasing of a machine. They have proven to be reliable and durable throughout the years and the company backs their machine with warranties, so you don't need to worry about getting the short end of the stick when you purchase a machine.

Written by : Linda Fri, 11 Aug 2010

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